Marie Smetanová

1979 Born in Prague

1998 – 2003 Kunstseminar Luzern, Schule fuer Malen, Sehen and Kunstorientierung, under the leadership of Professor Radoslav Kutra

2005 – 2011 Studied History of art and general theory at Faculty of Philosophy, Charles University in Prague

Since 2005 has led Summer painting course of School of Seeing in Sázava, as part of the summer philosophical school in Centrum nadace Prokopius in Sázava

Since 2006 a member of Experiment 2

Marie Smetanová pursues figurative and landscape painting. She also paints bespoke  portraits, which are her favourite, and nudes. Recently, however, she has been focusing on still life.

She stretches this motif to great lengths, sometimes attempting to achieve utter simplicity and limiting items to a minimum, another time fascinated by figural character of the objects which results in a kind of human comedy taking place on the canvas.

The painter has two children and lives in Prague.