Kateřina Rutherford

1973 Born in Valašské Klobouky, the Czech Republic

1992 – 98 University of Technology, School of Fine Arts, Brno, the Czech Republic (art professors included Radoslav Kutra, Jiří Načeradský and Miroslav Štolfa)
1996 Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design, Prague, the Czech Republic, Studio of Illustration & Graphics
1997 Winchester School of Fine Arts, England
1997 Moved to Prague
1999 Became a founding member of the Czech painting group “Experiment 2”
2000 Experiment 2 overtakes the leadership of the “School of Seeing” in Sazava, the Czech Republic (founded by Radoslav Kutra)
2009 Moved to the quintessential Southern California beach community of Belmont Shore in Long Beach
2012 Moved to the historic Mother Lode town of Angels Camp, located in Calaveras County.